Treating Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Children

How Does Childhood Anxiety Disorder Present Itself?

Child anxiety disorder is usually called separation anxiety and often materializes as what is known as school phobia and it can happen at any age.

School phobia materializes in multiple ways, such as:

  • Frequent concerns about safety of yourself and loved ones
  • Complaints of stomach pain and other symptoms
  • Staying home from school
  • Crying or throwing fits when separated from parents or guardians
  • Concerns with staying overnight at places other than home
  • Unsafe feeling when you are in a room alone
  • Clinging behavior
  • Never leaving the parents side at home
  • Problems sleeping at night
  • Frequent night terrors
  • Fear of animals, monsters and the dark

Child anxiety carries with it the same symptoms as adult anxiety but a child doesn’t have the experience or intellectual capacity to make sense of the symptoms.

What Causes Child Anxiety?

When I was 11 years old, I experienced separation anxiety, or school phobia, myself.  Almost every day I would develop stomach pains and try to talk my parents out of making me go to school.

Many days I would end up in the nurses office or would call my mother to come get me.  My primary hiding place was the tiny closet room where the payphone was located, this was of course before cell phones.

The trigger for the child’s anxiety is unimportant, what is important, however, is that the anxiety is dealt with correctly and directly.

How Common is Child Anxiety?

Probably more common than you would think and it’s escalating.  Child anxiety is very common indeed, but also very successfully treated. About 1 – 2% of children suffer from child anxiety before they reach adolescence.

Will My Child’s Anxiety Continue into Adulthood?

Research has shown that this does not happen as long as the anxiety is tackled before a strong pattern of behavior is adopted by the child. Child anxiety is usually based on the insecurities of childhood and as the child matures, the anxiety is eliminated.

Can Children With Child Anxiety Disorder Be Cured?

It is always best to deal with the anxiety as early as possible, so that it is not allowed to get out of hand.

The method I recommend for treating childhood anxiety is The Linden Method, which has a version specifically for the treatment of children.

The regular version of the Linden Method is what allowed me to eliminate my symptoms of anxiety 7 years ago, as an adult and I only wish my parents had found a program like this when I was a child.  They tried their best to help out, but my anxiety continued on and off for several years when I was a child.

The Linden Method works directly on the cause of anxiety, to help eliminate symptoms right away.  It has been successful not only for adults like myself, but for children as well.

How does the Linden Method Junior Edition differ from the regular version?

While they have experienced significant success with children using the regular version of the Linden Method, they recently developed The Linden Method Junior Edition which offers additional support materials to assist you and your child in their recovery.

The Junior Version of my program includes 2 extra audio CDs, with recordings from Charles Linden specifically for your child to listen to.  He knows how kids feel and he passionately wants to stop their anxiety for good.  An additional book entitled The Story of I Can’t is included as well.

The Junior edition was designed specifically to help children from age 7 to 15.


As a past child sufferer myself, who knows exactly how your child is feeling, I urge you to take action right away to do all that you can to put a stop to the anxiety once and for all.  I remember my parents trying to help, but not really knowing what to do and as a result I suffered for years unnecessarily and the anxiety continued on and off into adulthood.

Don’t go at it alone, proven help is available right away and your child can soon be back to doing what they should be doing, which is enjoying life and just being a kid!

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