Anxiety Diversion Tactics

anxiety-divesion-tacticsHere are a few examples of diversion tactics to use while experiencing symptoms of anxiety.  Practice them, they really work!

  1. Splash face with cold water – this produces the dive reflex and causes your brain to send messages to your body to slow down.
  2. Count down from 100 as fast as you can and repeat.
  3. Listen to your favorite music and sing along to it.
  4. Tell yourself that what you are feeling are sensations; nothing more and that sensations never hurt anyone.
  5. Watch a funny video on TV or online and laugh out loud.
  6. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror, the more you focus on your symptoms the worse things get.
  7. Keep some apples in the fridge. Eat one, they are an excellent, healthy snack.
  8. Gently slap your cheeks and dance around – confuse your thoughts to distract them.
  9. Do not look up your symptoms on medical related websites.  WebMD is not your friend.
  10. In the night, if you cannot sleep, get out of bed, turn on the TV, get a drink, eat an apple and keep moving.
  11. Talk to someone, but do NOT discuss your anxiety.
  12. Do something physical such as talking a walk, working out, or yoga.
  13. Do not sit down. Keep moving.
  14. At night, disconnect from computers or mobile devices at least an hour before bed, preferably longer.  Those bright screens give off light waves that can keep your mind active for quite a while after.  Also avoid the news or anything negative or violent.
  15. Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration, which interferes with proper brain and body functioning and is a common trigger for anxiety and depression.

And one bonus tip that I’ve seen lots of folks use recently with great success, is adult coloring books. Many of them are made specifically with patterns and designs that help to reduce stress and anxiety.

One of the best sellers, that I highly recommend, is this inexpensive option entitled:
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The act of coloring and utilizing your hands can be very therapeutic. I’d definitely recommend giving that a try. It is great for both males and females and people of any age.

Do any amount of these diversion tactics simultaneously if possible.

Most of these tactics I learned from The Linden Method.  That is the program that helped me eliminate my symptoms of anxiety a little over 7 years ago.  I created this site as a way to pay it forward and help others that are needlessly suffering from symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis.

I know first hand exactly how you feel.  I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for the better, or I guess I should say worse, part of almost 2 entire years of my life.  It was the absolute worst feeling ever and most of the time I was feeling all alone and helpless to do anything about it.

If you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks right now, please know that you are not alone.  You do not have to suffer alone, help is out there.  The Linden Method was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

You can literally be on the road to recovery in a matter of minutes.  The program contains everything you need to eliminate your anxiety, panic attacks and any symptoms you may be experiencing.  It comes in two forms, an instant digital download and a printed version as well.  I choose the digital download, since I wanted to get started right away and if you are computer savvy, that can save you a few dollars as well.

Both versions contain exactly the same materials, which include the main Linden Method guide, multiple videos, relaxation audio files and full 24/7 qualified email and phone support, along with a full no-risk money back guarantee.

The Linden Method completely turned my life around and as a result, improved the lives of everyone else around me as well.  I sincerely hope it will have the same effect for you and wish you all the best in your quest to eliminate your symptoms of anxiety and get back to living life once again!

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